During blusterous civil war in Russia numerous Armenian communes on the South of Russia were used in selfish ends of local authorities. Strange as it may seem, some of local Armenian National Councils were rendering assistance to local authorities in accomplishment of their policy, which often was against the interests of local Armenian population.

In December 1918 and in the first months of 1919 in Sochi district of Black Sea province, where Armenians consisted almost 30 % of local population, arose a difficult political situation - began struggle between Georgia and Voluntary army of A.I. Denikin for superiority in Sochi district.

Georgian policy in Sochi caused dissatisfaction of local Armenian population majority of which began to support to A. I. Denikin.  Command of Voluntary army took occasion to incite local Armenians against Georgian authorities. The policy of Voluntary army became a cause of military confrontation between Georgian army and Armenian population of Sochi district. Hiding his true intentions, Voluntary Army, under the pretext of protection of Armenian population of Sochi, captured district. Later on Armenian National Council in Sochi again was used by command of Voluntary army to stifle a rebellion of local population. In that way Armenian population of Sochi District fall a prey of Georgian government and Denikin policy.